Human Resource Extravagenza

Human Resource Extravaganza

Any Skill, Any Years of Experience, Onsite and Remote Staffs

You always need trustworthy, skilled and hardworking people to ensure a successful establishment. We have trained human resource which can be deployed immediately on your request. If you requirement is kind of unique, we train people to suit your purpose and assign them to you within the time duration we mutually agree. We recruit people in our company based on skill test, IQ, EQ, adaptability, willingness to learn, problem solving capability, leadership, accountability and excellent communication skills. You can hire a team or individual to do tasks for your business. This contract is suitable for micro or small businesses which needs attention on tasks occasionally. For example, these are the possible instances which can be met using this contract.

  1. A support agent to take your customer calls occasionally
  2. A website maintenance team who need to do the necessary when an issue arises
  3. Virtual assistance from an expert whom you need to choose when a situation comes
  4. Discussion with project managers without a running project contract
  5. Marketing materials or guidance you need occasionally
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