Onsite Assistance

Flexible Onsite Contracts

Team and Individual - Yearly Contracts

We send highly talented workers for on-site programs. You can test the candidate before inviting for on-site with the help of hourly contracts. Hourly contract is a virtual assistance contract. You can communicate through chat and voice. We train the candidate for one month prior sending on-site. Training will be based on the project that the candidate is supposed to be working. While on-site he will report to our project manager and get things done smoothly.

On-Site Team Deployment

Not many companies in the world offer you deployment of capable team for On-Site assistance on a contract basis. We take only less than 6 weeks to deploy the team at any part of the world.

Unmatched Quality of Service

Advantages of Contracts with US

The most important benefit of contract is that there is no long term commitment unlike appointing a regular employee. You can test our employees capabilities by purchasing an hourly contract and extend it to more hours, days, weeks, months or years according to your requirement. You can always renew or cancel it after the end of initially purchased term.

For On-Site contracts, we may need a fixed time duration commitment from your end as deployment and return of team is a costly procedure. But if the requirement can be handled remotely then we can easily initiate a contract and you can test our team. We are sure that once we assign a team, you will not be disappointed. We have 99% client retention track record and our experience will never let you down.

For scientific research based projects, we have a special team to study the feasibility of your requirement. Once we complete the study we will give you a free report based on the study. This will include the time duration, overall cost, number of people required etc.

We are open to discussion any time through call, chat, email, skype, whatsapp and website contact form. Our senior members are available every week days through appointment. Looking forward to have you in our company and remember – Your Dreams are Ours and we will accomplish it on your behalf.

Call OR Chat NOW !!!

Once you get in touch with us, you will be able to understand how easy you can solve the most difficult problems you faced in your business. Our Senior Project Managers will be able to assist you on appointment. So chat now and leave your message.

We make things better

Our processes are designed to ensure that our work incorporate the best innovations available today. We have a system to update skill set of our people every week. This ensures the best for our clients.

Every establishments face technological challenges frequently. Keeping us as a partner, reduces your unnecessary investment in time, people and research. We have everything you need as far as technological requirements are concerned. Chat with our agent today. You will be surprised.

Onsite Contracts